You Can Play Classical Music Using a Rubber Chicken

We all know about the standard musical instruments that are used to play classical music like violin, piano, cello, etc. But as it turns out, classical music can be played using less elaborate apparatus like a rubber chicken. Yes, you have read this right – rubber chicken can be used to make music.

Trained musicians Eddy Chen and Brett Yang run a YouTube channel titled TwoSetViolin on which they try to make classical music more approachable to newer generations through funny and informative clips.

One of their recent projects happens to be wildly entertaining videos in which they do covers of classical music compositions by squeezing a rubber chicken. The duo took on various classical masterpieces so far, including Johann Pachelbel’s “Pachelbel’s Canon” and Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Für Elise.” Surprisingly, they managed to deliver totally convincing covers, showing that all you need to make music is a bit of talent and passion.

You can check out some of Chen and Yang’s “rubber chicken classical music” below.