You Have to See Maxwell Tilse’s Intricate Travel Sketches

Illustrators usually look for inspiration in the world around them and Maxwell Tilse is managing to find it everywhere he goes. His sketches are inspired by all the places he’s traveled to and committed to memory during his adventures.

Tilse was born and raised in Sidney, but he decided to explore Europe after leaving university. His backpacking adventure opened the window into a whole new world, and drawing quickly became a crucial part of it.

In an interview with Outlook Traveler, Tilse said he realized that traveling and drawing go hand in hand. His illustrations proved to be the perfect outlet for his creativity and allowed him to put his memories down on paper.

Tilse often sketches on location, drawing inspiration from the building in front of him. Incredible attention to detail is one of the signature traits of his work, and it can take him up to 50 hours to finish a single drawing. From the regular illustrations to cutout replicas, there’s always something about his work worth admiring, and he made prints of some of his best drawings available for purchase through his Etsy store at Maxwell Illustration.