Yumi Okita Hand-Makes Gorgeous Fabric Insects

Most people don’t find insects beautiful and instead think of them as gross, but Yumi Okita is not among them. This North Carolina-based artist is fascinated by these small creatures and uses them as the main inspiration for her art. Using fabric that she paints herself, thread, feathers, and other materials, she creates beautiful renditions of butterflies and moths.

Unlike many other artists who create insect art, Okita’s works are huge in size. She designs them so they can be displayed hanging from wires, and they measure up to 9.5 inches wide and around 3.5-4.5 inches tall. Despite being made out of fabric, they are surprisingly realistic. You can be tricked into thinking you’re looking at live creatures before you get too close. How scary would it be running into such a big moth for real?

Okita sells artworks on Etsy so you can check out her store if you’re interested. Make sure to follow her on Instagram as well because her work is truly fascinating. Seeing the insects in the photos is not as scary as in-person; it’s actually quite beautiful. She only has around 6k followers for now, but we believe that people are yet to discover her talent and give her support.