Yuval Robichek’s Simple Illustrations Will Make You Wonder

Yuval Robichek is an artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel whose metaphorical and experimental illustrations bring a new angle of people’s view on life. The artist is especially concerned with relationships as they’re the main topic of most of his works. Couples chatting by the water, bathing in a tub, playing on the beach, or sharing moments of intimacy are often found in his illustrations!  

His work is thought-provoking and it examines social situations to deliver strong messages. The artist has studied “Humor in Arts” at the School of Visual Arts on the other side of the globe – in New York. Today, he is the author of numerous illustrations for magazines, fashion, TV projects, and murals. His work has been published in publications like Forbes, Time Out, and VICE – to mention a few – and exhibited in Tel Aviv and Brussels too!  

Robichek’s funny and sometimes riddling illustrations are being printed on fashion products such as towels, t-shirts or sports bras, and he sells them on his website as well. Sometimes the images are heart-warming and relaxing, and at other times it’s all about classic relationship humor. Of course, there are other subjects of interest on this artist’s illustrations, such as some surreal images that look amazing.

Check them out yourself!