77-Year-Old Self-Taught Painter Makes Colored Paintings Worth Admiring

Katherine Bradford is a 77-year-old self-taught painter whose career flourished in 2016, after her first art show in New York Gallery. 

After New York, she presented her work in Canada, and this summer she exhibited at London’s Campoli Presti gallery, a solo show called “Legs and Stripes”.

She used to live in Brunswick, Maine with her family and husband whose ambitious career required her constant support. Bradford says that she lived in Maine as a “closeted” painter, and coming out as an artist was even harder than coming out as a gay person. This major step demanded the breakup of the marriage and her move as well as starting a completely new lifestyle.  

At first, nobody was supportive of her idea to become an artist, and her son described this journey in an essay called “How About a Little Bad-Ass Inspiration,” where he describes the struggles Bradford went through and how proud everyone is now with her. She says that her wish to become an artist began in the ‘70s when she moved to Maine to be a wife of an ambitious man, but soon she met some hippie artist and realized that’s what she wants to be. And here she is today! 

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