Check Out Soft-Sculpture Pigeon By Tina Trachtenburg

Tina Trachtenburg is an artist based in New York who’s crafting incredibly realistic urban wildlife animals inspired by those she sees in the streets and interacts with during her everyday life.

In NY, she’s known as Mother Pigeon. She received this nickname for her loving and caring attitude towards pigeons in the city. She believes that humans can learn a lot from them and their difficult life. She’s been in love with pigeons since the ’80s when she moved to NY, she feeds them and takes care of those living on her roof. She claims that she has developed a connection, even a psychological relationship with her pigeons! 

One day she decided to make a stuffed pigeon, just for fun. It turned out well, so she made a flock and decided to display them around the city as an animal rights installation that is supposed to raise awareness among people about the inconvenient life of the pigeon population. This is the ultimate act of love towards these animals by this humane artist.  

The installations are very realistic – she puts a couple of pigeons pecking the ground in a park or at the street and puts rats and garbage around them. 

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