Alessandro Malossi Creates Impressive Thought-Provoking Photo Manipulations

If you regularly spend time on social media, then the chances are that you came across the works from Alessandro Malossi. This Italian artist, who has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, creates impressive thought-provoking photo manipulations that reflect everyday life.

Malossi started his artistic journey as a student at the New Academy of Fine Arts where he “acquired technique and began to paint inside the edges.” After graduating, he began exploring other ways to express his creativity which included making illustrations, working as a tattoo artist, and even engaging in fashion art. This brought him collaborations with high-profile brands such as Calvin Klein and Nike.

Most recently, Malossi engaged in digital art and photo manipulations that reflect his “daily distorted and surrealistic vision of the world.” These works have been quite popular among internet users as they encourage them to think about common things in a different way.   

For example, one of Malossi’s works shows a cigarette burning in a shape of a gun, representing a deadly consequence of smoking. Another imagines popular streaming music service Spotify as a pack of pills, illustrating the fact that music is a daily therapy for a large number of people. 

Check out Malossi’s creations below.