Golsa Golchini’s Hands are the Perfect Canvas for Miniature Paintings

Artists tend to use all sorts of things as a canvas for their artwork. Some opt for usual material like fabric and paper, while others choose more intricate ones like glass and metal. But none of those is what Italian painter Golsa Golchini uses.

Golchini has a unique habit of painting miniature paintings on her hands. And despite working with a small amount of space and unusual canvas, her works are true tiny masterpieces.

Each of Golchini’s creations that rests on her hand until washed is carefully planned. She uses fingers, palms, nails, knuckles, and other parts of the hand to create a more effective and lively scene. The results are amazing to such an extent that you wouldn’t be too surprised if a small goldfish on her palm suddenly comes to life.

Golchini was born in Teheran, Iran, but has lived and worked in Milan, Italy, since the early 2000s. She is a Fine Arts Academy of Brera graduate and works in various art disciplines, including visual arts and photography.

“My artworks are my way of communicating with the observer about the things of everyday life that we all have in common. Things we do, objects we use, emotions we feel,” Golchini explains on her website. Continue scrolling and check out more of Golchini’s miniature paintings.