Girl with Down Syndrome Becomes a World-Known Athlete

Are you lacking in motivation for a quick workout? Let us introduce you to a girl named Chelsea Werner, whose story will make you grab your workout shoes and hit the gym immediately.

When Chelsea’s parents welcomed their daughter to this world, they didn’t have an idea that their baby girl will one day became a four-time US Special Olympics Gymnastics Champion and two-time World Champion, mainly because she was born with Down Syndrome.

“When I was born, the doctors told my parents I would always have low muscle tone among other things. I think I have proven those doctors wrong,” she proudly shared on her website and added that it fills her heart with joy that she is breaking down barriers that people with some kind of disabilities have faced for decades. “I hope I am a good advocate and role model for others to follow in my footsteps.”

She became a star and has been featured in commercials, magazine covers, and has done campaigns with big brand names.

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