Anusha VR Creates Minimalistic Comics About Mental Health Issues

The AVR Method is an Instagram account created by an artist who introduces herself as Anusha VR. She shared some of her comics on Bored Panda where she explained that her artwork mainly revolves around her mental health issues, her partner, and her supportive parents.

“It is essential to be positive, but at the same time, it is also necessary to acknowledge the dark side of depression, anxiety, BPD, and trauma recovery,” she said and added that she has only recently begun publishing her illustrations.

“I started making these comics only two months ago, and the followers of my page have been so kind and supportive. If I can make even one person out there feel a little less alone in their battle with mental health or bring a smile on their face for half a second, then I think my art is on the right path.”

Although she currently doesn’t have a huge following, her comics are definitely worth checking out. Scroll down and see for yourself!