Artist Depicts Life In Russia With a Touch of Irony

Artist Mihail Vachaev based in Ekaterinburg, Russia paints everyday life in his country with a drop of irony.

“Every illustration shows a situation that I’ve been a witness to,” Vachayev told Design Your Trust. “I just try to convey my vision with a bit of irony and satire, but try to avoid any kind of moral assessment. I don’t think they’re grotesque, per se, because I do my best to portray the situation as close to what I saw in real life.”

The 31-year-old artist has been doing art for quite some time and has experimented with several different techniques, genres, and topics.

“What I want to do with each picture is to show our daily, routine life and convey an idea that maybe through self-irony and an ability to look at yourself from the outside one can possibly change something,” he added.

If you are curious to see what life in Russia looks like, check out some of his works below and make sure you follow him on Instagram.