Check Out the Ginger Cat That Became an Internet Sensation

Zarathustra is a big, ginger cat who became an internet sensation thanks to its creative owner.

Russian artist Svetlana Petrova lost her mother in 2008 and was left with Zarathustra. “I got horrible depression after her death and for two years I was unable to do something creative,” the artist told BBC. “By chance, a friend asked me ‘Why don’t you make an art project with your cat because he’s so funny’. I’ve had cats before and included them in my work, like playing in theatre shows and I’ve made costumes for them. But I thought, ‘What can I do with Zarathustra because my mother spoilt him and he’s so fat.’”

So she came up with an idea to use her feline as a Photoshop model; she added Zarathustra’s face into famous paintings. Petrova also launched a website and an Instagram account called Fat Cat Art where she attracted more than 130 thousand followers.

Check out the gallery below if you want to see their hilarious creations.