Artist Illustrates Daily Marriage Life Perfectly and Finally Shows People Behind Comics

Image via jude_devir/Instagram

You probably already know about illustrator Yehuda Devir but today we’re sharing some new things he’s been working on. The artist finally decided to show us how he and his wife look in real life. All we can say is that the drawn characters are spot-on!

Devir illustrates himself and his wife Maya. The couple is the founders and creators of “One of those days” comics.

“‘One of those days’ describes moments from our everyday life in a humorous, authentic and identifying way. Today “One of those days” is one of the most popular webcomics worldwide, with over 3 million followers and hundreds of publications, including: Los Angeles Times, Boredpanda, Huffingtonpost, and many more,” Devir says in his website.

Find the images of the couple below and enjoy the new comics!