Artist Illustrates Fruit and Veggie Rhymes

Robin is a professional animator from Vancouver, Canada, and according to his personal website, his film credits include Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Hotel Transylvania, and Storks. He also likes to draw some cute rhymes about fruits and vegetables. Robin shares his life with his girlfriend Jacqueline and their dog Comso; all living in a small apartment in Vancouver.

“When I first started dating my boyfriend, who is an animator, we had this thing where we would come up with cute rhymes about fruits and vegetables,” his girlfriend Jacqueline shared on Bored Panda. “One day he started to draw them – next thing I knew we had a whole salad of characters. We called them Fruits in Suits!”

Robin and Jacqueline love sharing their rhymes on their Instagram account called pompousmelon. Scroll down and take a look at their creations. Can you guess them all?