Photographer Takes Self-Portraits With Scarecrows

Chika Usui is a Japanese photographer who is obsessed with scarecrows. Her fascination began with her mother passing away. When tragedy hit her, Usui decided to leave her hometown and found herself in one village deep in the mountains where she saw more scarecrows than villagers.

“Personally spending time with scarecrows is a pleasant moment which makes me be who I am naturally; it’s like I’m talking about silly stuff to my best friends,” Usui shared withBored Panda. “I temporarily stayed away from the cold world of humans and logged into the world of scarecrows; taking photos of me and scarecrows, I could confirm my presence in the world, which gave me a little confident about myself.”

Usui now gathers her scarecrows and takes hilarious self-portraits with them, which she later shares on social media. “I’ll keep on enjoying myself, facing such complicating personality and emotions,” she stressed.

Scroll down and take a look at some of her eerie photos.