Artist Paints Adorable Watercolor Kittens

Cats have been the stars of the Internet for years now. There are so many profiles on social networks dedicated to cats and funny videos on YouTube that celebrate our furry friends. When meme culture began to develop, cute and funny cat photos became an inevitable part of it. Their awesome faces and reactions are something no one is immune to. 

Amelia Rizky is an artist whose cute artworks gained great popularity online, bringing her an army of 110k followers on social media. She takes funny cat photos and turns them into digital watercolor illustrations. People seem to enjoy her work tremendously, and it might be due to the lovely warm color palette she uses and the cozy minimalist look of her drawings. Also, she usually draws cats from more or less famous cat memes, so that too may seem appealing to the audience. The images are usually humorous and celebrate animal innocence and spontaneity.  

In her drawings you can find cats disgusted by vegetables, cats eating in hilarious positions, stealing fish, walking away on two legs, and many more. In the pictures below you’ll find some of Rizky’s best works, and we hope you’ll enjoy them!