15-Year-Old Girl Makes Incredible Food Miniatures

Polymer clay artist, known online as “Clay Girl”, discovered her passion for sculpting when going to occupational therapy in order to strengthen her muscles. “They made me knead a type of putty to build strength in my hands,” she shared with The Daily Mini. “That was really boring, so I started making little ‘meals’ out of the putty. I’ve since left the putty behind. Hey, polymer clay keeps me toned!”

At only 15, Clay Girl shares her miniature clay meals in a dedicated Instagram account titled aptly “Clay Kitchen”. Based in NYC, she tends to her craft in a “clay station” located in her grandma’s kitchen, with her creations including anything from sushi to melted ice cream.

“I love making food the most,” she exclaimed. “I enjoy it because with each try I challenge myself to see how realistic I can make it. I also enjoy it because I spend a lot of time with my grandma, who loves to cook. I often try to make what she is making and she gets a kick out of it. After all, my clay station is in her kitchen next to the fridge.”

“I find making meat, like steaks, the most challenging,” she shared. “I just can’t seem to capture the texture. Maybe it’s because I’m a vegetarian.” Perhaps, but her meals still look incredibly realistic (and mouth-watering) to us.

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Nachos. Swipe for close up.

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