Artist Reimagines Everyday Objects as Anime Characters

Talented artists don’t need much to get inspired and produce impressive artworks. For some, even everyday play items like a surveillance camera or a magnet can cause a creative spark and lead to something special.

Korean artist Rino Park, better known as Rinotuna on social media, has a habit of drawing inspiration from seemingly ordinary things and making extraordinary artworks. Park’s main focus is designing Anime characters based on things that surround him. In the past, he created characters using animals and insects as a reference but decided to turn to everyday items more recently.

“I like to create characters inspired by many things in the world,” the artist shared about his creative process. “I hope my works could show you the beauty of it.”

It appears that Park can create an Anime character from everything, no matter if it’s food, household item, or even something that is internet-based. He recently even presented an awesome design of a character for which he used the Discord logo as a reference. Unbelievable!

Rinotuna regularly shares his works on social media, where he amassed an impressive following that includes over 700K followers on Instagram alone. Continue scrolling to check out more of them below.