Self-Taught Artist Creates Paintings Full of Fantasy and Supernatural

The paintings of Mark Rogers have the ability to spark the imagination while drawing you into their complex and unusual world. This self-taught artist from Portland, Oregon, creates artworks full of fantasy elements and supernatural, with each piece containing unique narratives.

Rogers’ paintings are all set in the world he calls The Southwestern Bellows. It is a world full of quirky characters, monsters, magic, and even aliens.

The artist describes this world as similar to a fantasy set in Medieval Europe with elements of folklore with a distinction that it takes place in Early America “with magical elements inspired by UFOlogy, cryptozoology, the occult, and the paranormal, which I feel is the modern folklore of our time.”

“I have a pretty clear picture of this place in my mind, but every time I make up a new story for a painting or a series of paintings, I learn a little more about this place, and the sense of discovery powers my drive to continue returning to this world,” Rogers explains.

Rogers has previously exhibited his works in art galleries around the world. However, the artist recently decided to fully focus on showcasing his paintings on his official social media and make them available for purchase through his website. Check out more of them below.