Athlete Uses His Hometown as a Canvas

Lenny Maughan is a runner who uses the streets of his home town, San Francisco, to create art. With the help of the social fitness app called Strava, he makes amazing pieces of running art.

However, before he gets on the streets, he plans his route to run in the pattern of a certain image. A single wrong turn can ruin the whole masterpiece.

His runs are quite long, for instance, to create his Frida Kahlo art he had to cover 29 miles, which took him almost 6 hours to complete.

“You can’t see the lines drawn until after you finish your run,” the runner told SFGATE. “So it’s such a joyful feeling when you put in all of that work and you finally finish and get to see what you envisioned at the end. San Francisco is my canvas. I use the streets as a framework for what I want to do, find shapes, and make it work. Kind of like how little kids look up at the clouds.”

The athlete has been doing his art for over three years now and has created 30 masterpieces.

Scroll down and check out his unique designs below.