Broken Oreos Are Being “Repaired” With Kintsugi in a New Campaign

No one likes to see their Oreo cookies get broken, but it happens too often. Sometimes you drop them or the Oreo pack just wasn’t handled with enough care to keep the cookies intact. But it turns out there is a simple solution for that.

Leo Burnett’s marketing agency recently came up with a genius campaign that encourages Oreo enthusiasts to “repair” their broken cookies using the traditional Japanese art of kintsugi but with a tasty twist.

Kintsugi is the art of fixing broken pottery where broken pieces get brought back together using gold. It has an underlying philosophy that breakage and repair marks shouldn’t be hidden but rather considered part of an item’s history.

Considering gold is quite expensive and would make your Oreos inedible, Leo Burnett recommends using Oreo cream in a tube.

The process, detailed in a video shared on YouTube, is quite simple. You apply the Oreo cream to the breaking points of the cookie pieces, join them back together, and get a whole Oreo cookie once again.

“Consumers often find broken Oreo cookies to be a disappointment, viewing them as imperfect and less enjoyable. However, the philosophy of Kintsugi teaches that there is beauty in imperfections and that items can become more valuable when repaired thoughtfully,” Leo Burnett shares.