Everyone is Raving About This Viral “Inside Out” Meme

Screenshot from "Inside Out 2"
Screenshot from "Inside Out 2"

The Inside Out sequel has broken several box office records since hitting the theaters, and it’s now the subject of the latest viral meme. Posts captioned with “Inside Out if it was filmed inside my head” are having a moment on social media, and they’re paying homage to many iconic pop culture moments.

Inside Out is set in a world where human emotions take personified forms. The first film centered on a young girl Riley grappling with Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger after her family moves away, while Inside Out 2 saw her coming to terms with many new emotions as she enters her teenage years.

As the second film took theatres by storm and crossed the $1 billion mark at the box office, the Inside Out franchise gained traction on social media and became a true viral sensation. It inspired many viral memes along the way, and “Inside Out if it was filmed inside my head” is the latest to take the world by storm.

This viral meme sees people joking about which emotions would be pulling the strings if Inside Out was set inside their heads. Many groups of beloved, and often unhinged fictional characters made the cut, ranging from the Roy siblings from Succession to the dysfunctional Berzatto family from The Bear.