Canadian Artist Makes Hyperrealistic Animals From Paper

Calvin Nicholls’ hyperrealistic paper animals are otherworldly. Highly detailed and made with special care, each of his pieces take tens and hundreds of hours to create. “Every piece is a discovery of sorts too. I’m always learning with each new sculpture,” writes Nicholls on his website.

“Detailed fur is slow and feathers can be equally challenging so predicting accurately how long a piece will take is very difficult,” he explains. “The largest sculptures I’ve done require several hundreds of hours while the more modest pieces keep me busy for two or more weeks.”

“The cuts and texture are often tiny and very delicate but due to the numerous glue joints for every piece, the overall strength is substantial,” adds the Canadian paper artist. “Tests of the bond between glue and paper reveal that when deliberately forced, the paper tears while the glue seam remains intact.”

Prepare to be amazed.