Christine Ciovarta’s Paper Flowers Will Last You All Year Round!

Paper flower bouquets are a great way of preserving the beauty of nature while aiming for sustainability. With wedding season in full bloom, paper flowers are also a great option to consider, adding a unique touch to your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Christine Ciovarta’s paper flowers aren’t just simple additions. They’re an expression of art, creativity, and colors. A fashion designer and painter, Ciovarta decided to study the art of paper flowers after coming across a picture of a paper flower online in 2012. “I was fascinated about the idea and had the instant thought that I can make paper flowers,” she explains on her website.

A self-taught paper artist, she learned the techniques of making paper flowers by herself, and after a few years of learning and practice decided to quit her job and take a leap of faith. Her paper blooms are a way of expressing her talent, craftsmanship, and the techniques she developed over the years, with the finished product flowers look very lifelike. Her products also include bridal headpieces that are a perfect addition to a romantic/bohemian wedding.

“With every flower I make I try to capture the realistic look as good as I can,” says Ciovarta, “my customers are always telling me stories how people always mistake my flowers with real ones, which gives me so much pride and joy.”

Naturally, her working process begins outdoors: researching real flowers. “I study many images with them, I make sketches, mood boards and think of ways to reproduce and practice them,” explains Ciovarta. “After these steps are ready I make all the flowers, greenery, buds, and other elements necessary for my bouquet.”

Made from crepe paper which is painted and laminated, her flowers are meant to last forever. “I feel so grateful that I can make something beautiful with my own two hands,” says Ciovarta.

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