Check Out Jon Foreman’s Intricate Land Art

Most artists want their artwork to last forever if possible. But Jon Foreman isn’t so ambitious. This may be because he knows his art will disappear with the first wind, sea wave, or rain.

Foreman calls himself a “land artist.” And it’s a fitting description of the creative work he does. He uses the land as canvas and nature’s materials as tools for drawing.

The works of this talented Welsh artist can be stunningly different in size. One day, he may create a massive drawing in the sand with a radius of 150 feet. Other days, he may be in the mood for small-scale artworks, so he’ll take a bunch of stones or driftwood and combine them into something appealing.

Foreman started experimenting with this type of creative work while in college. Realizing he has a knack for it, he continued to hone his craft and develop himself as an artist. Since then, Foreman has exhibited at festivals worldwide while also receiving a respectful following on social media.

He remains committed to the “land art” because it isn’t just something he enjoys doing. According to his website, it also provides a “therapy” for him and “an escape from the stresses of everyday life.”

Check out more of his works below.