Craig Alan’s Portraits of Iconic Figures Are Made of Tiny People

Everyone has a different way of expressing the way they perceive things. Craig Alan sees portraits of iconic figures and puts them on paper in a completely unexpected way.

This artist draws tiny people, arranged so that they form portraits of some of the greatest names in history including Prince, Audrey Hepburn, The Joker, as well as famous cartoon characters. By strategically placing his tiny humans, Craig manages to deliver an interesting composition that will catch your eye.

“I was in Orange Beach, Alabama at my mother’s condo watching people on the beach from the balcony. I started photographing them from the sixth story balcony and began to notice a pattern through the camera. In one shot, the group of people appeared to have formed an eye on the screen, this started my creative wheels turning. People relate themselves to these celebrity icons. Throughout history, they make a mark in print and also in our hearts”- Alan said in his interview with Modern Met.