All The Foodies Are Following Influencer “Pinch of Yum”

There are foodie influencers, and then there’s Pinch of Yum. With a whopping one million followers on Instagram, this food blogger and social media sensation creates easy, quick recipes with mouth-watering photos.

Run out of Saint Paul, MN, by food guru Lindsay Ostrom, Pinch of Yum began as a side project. According to Ostrom, she was working as a fourth-grade teacher at the time, and updated her blog late at nights or over the weekend.

“When Bjork and I got married, bought a house, and got ‘real jobs’—cooking regularly started to become a normal part of my life,” she recalled in an interview with the Mediakix blog. “I loved having someone to cook for and always loved trying new recipes.”

Cooking for someone would soon become cooking for everyone, with her online following growing steadily over time. “It’s amazing to me that we can just be in our house in our pajamas and doing some random video posts that will be viewed by more than 50,000 people,” reflects Ostrom.

“If I were to go in front of 50,000 people in real life, it would feel so intimidating. But I can talk to that many people from my pajamas, on my couch, without showering, and not feel nervous about it at all,” she jokes.

According to Ostrom, her goal now is to get you excited about cooking, rather than treating it as another chore: “I want you to be so excited about these recipes that you eagerly await 5 pm when you can go home from work and start cooking,” she stresses. Sounds like a plan to us!