Dare Take a Plunge In This 360-Degree Infinity Pool?

There is a new architectural trend in central London that has bee making buzz on social media. Infinity London, designed by award-winning swimming pool builder, Compass Pools, is a 600,000-liter, 360-degree pool which sits atop a 55-story building.

Dubbed as the world’s first rooftop infinity pool, swimmers will feel like they’re floating hundreds of feet above the sky. The pool is made from cast acrylic rather than glass to achieve the desired effect of transparency. Cast acrylic transmits light at a similar wavelength to water, allowing the pool to appear crystal clear. The floor of the pool is also transparent so visitors can see the swimmers as well as the sky above.

But how do you get inside the pool? Well, according to Compass Pools, swimmers “will access the pool through a rotating spiral staircase based on the door of a submarine, rising from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out.”

Additional technical features include a built-in anemometer to monitor the wind speed which is linked to a computer-controlled system to ensure the right water temperature. Also, the innovative pool has a heating system that uses waste energy from the building’s air conditioning system.

Infinity London could start construction in early 2020, but would you dare take a plunge?