Designer Combines Elements From Nature to Create Surreal Designs

Julie Tabet is a French designer who stands behind the most insane-looking photo assemblages. In his works, which have a surreal component that reminds of the works of Salvador Dali, Tabet is trying to reimagine animals and create a world for them to live freely. He says he’s fascinated by the process of imagining the improbable things and bringing the element of surprise to people. He wants to offer something fresh to people’s lives and offer them a new perspective, far away from their regular routines.  

Animals are the first choice for his manipulations because he thinks they’re more humble and innocent than humans and he imagines that they have a completely different life and behavior when we’re not watching them. A lion opening a large pair of wings made of his mane, a deer sticking his horns in the ground as if they were tree roots, a kangaroo flying like a helicopter, a panda whose upper body resembles a pirate ship and a sheep turning into a cloud; these are just some of Tabet’s original ideas planted in the dreamy, vivid images he makes.  

Check out the pictures below to see whether you like Tabet’s works as much as we did!