These Paper Flowers Will Leave You Breathless

Hae Kyoung Kim is an artist based in Korea whose paper quilling skills are just breathtaking. She first engaged in this art in 2007, and during the last 12 years mastering the art of creating beautiful worlds out of paper. She has formal education as a painter, but that didn’t prevent her from making a successful career in this different field of art. So far she has had 8 solo exhibitions, out of which 7 were in Korea, and 1 reached even the United States.  

If you look at her pieces, you can see that she is mostly focused on natural elements such as flowers and leaves. She crafts and paints them with such attention that they receive a realistic look when it comes to color and perspective.  

This art requires so much attention, precision and focus on the details and that’s exactly what you see when you look at Kim’s work. All the patterns and ornaments, they are so tiny and precise, it’s hard to believe that a human handcrafted them.  

This artist holds up to her privacy and it’s difficult to track her online, even to find out what she looks like, and yet she manages an Instagram account counting 26.6k followers!