Bi-Chair Designed For People Who Can’t Sit Straight

People often like to joke with edgy things and one of them is this father who built a bi-chair for his bi-sexual daughter after she told him how she finds the stereotype about people like her not being able to “sit normally” hilarious.  

The chair was designed by artist Ma Matiazi and this genius father, Israel Walker, built the prototype. They dedicated this chair to everyone who “can’t sit straight”, and they drew inspiration from memes making fun of the way gay and bi people sit, which were created by the LGBT community itself. After obtaining consent from Matiatzi, Walker built the chair, and soon after posting it online, the creation went viral. Matiatzi says that she was surprised when she got a call from this modern dad because she didn’t consider the possibility that people will love her sketch so much! She made the sketch as a joke – it was supposed to be a funny orthopedic chair for people who sit like bisexuals, but unexpectedly, it burned the Internet!  

Walker chose this project because he wanted to spend some quality time with his daughter, teaching her how to turn an unidimensional sketch into a usable object, and she loved it! 

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Have you heard about bi-sitting?

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