Diana Beltran Herrera’s Sculptures are Made From Paper

Diana Beltran Herrera is a gifted paper artist based in Bristol, UK. After graduating from university she traveled to Finland where she worked with a sculptor for six months and began transforming paper in a more sculptural way. In an interview for Ballpit, Herrera revealed that she can replicate almost anything and her work is very realistic.

“I have two directions when I work: one is more research-based, which means I am playing with the paper and testing different techniques or ways of creating/reproducing objects,” the artist said. “The other direction is more commercial which is very vibrant, full of colors, where I apply all the things I learn through my research.

She likes art, fashion, design, and architecture, however, sculptures of animals and plants are her favorite elements to create.

“I am not interested in the perfect shape or finish in sculpture, but more in the handmade quality and the way an artist finds a solution to a formal problem. I like the transformation of ordinary materials, and also how trough art, discarded materials can be repurposed and configured in new ways,” Herrera explained.

If you are interested in her creations, check out the gallery below.