Dina Brodsky’s Paintings are Tiny But Mighty

Painter Dina Brodsky manages to cram whole landscapes, animals, and people, into miniature canvases. A contemporary realist miniaturist, she admits that though she tried painting on all sorts of scales, she found herself drawn to miniature work—the smaller the better.

“I remember my mother taking me to a children’s art school in Minsk that one of her friends was running – I must have been around 5,” she recalled in an interview with Whitehot Magazine. “He asked me to draw a figure, and put me in front of an easel with a large pad of newsprint, I drew a figure that took up a tiny corner. He asked me to try again, bigger, and I drew something only slightly bigger. After a few attempts, he told my mother he couldn’t really teach me.”

Luckily, Brodsky disregarded his advice and pushed onward. Growing up immersed in anything and everything art-related (her mother, being a musician, was surrounded by artists), might have also been a catalyzer.

But it was only when she started going to university, that she found herself enamored with painting after taking an art foundation class. “Within less than a week I was completely in love (or addicted, depending on the point of view) – I knew that this was what I wanted to do, every day, for the rest of my life,” she says.

She hasn’t looked back since.

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