DomestiKate Finds the Greatest Joy in the Smallest Things

“Sharing BIG JOY in LITTLE THINGS,” reads DomestiKate’s Instagram bio. Being a miniature artist, she means this saying quite literally. Working in 1:12 scale, DomestiKate recreates anything from fast food to Amazon packages.

But she didn’t start out working in small scale. In fact, for over 20 years DomestiKate has worked in interior design and couture when she came to realize that her work was simply too big. “I was making massive design decisions for clients, yet I wasn’t feeling that same big joy I was helping them to create,” she explained on her website.

Her creativity sparked again after renovating a distressed childhood dollhouse. “I decided to renovate this gifted dollhouse as a design piece for my office and I GOT LOST IN CREATIVITY,” she recalled. “I had fallen out of practice of actually MAKING. THIS is what I had been missing.”

Now she finds joy in the craft itself, getting lost in all its tiny details. “I like having paint under my fingernails and had forgotten how awesome it feels to stare at piles of assorted materials that are just waiting for me to morph them into something new, something different.”

Enter her tiny world in the gallery below.