Duran Jay Creates Eye Makeup Inspired By Insects

People usually don’t like insects, often viewing them as annoying or even disgusting. But this doesn’t apply to makeup artist Duran Jay. She isn’t only fascinated with bugs—she also uses them as inspiration for creating astonishing eye makeup.

Jay often shares her creations on social media and makes sure to give props to insects in her posts. This includes attaching side-by-side photos of her works and bugs that the makeup was based upon.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Jay revealed that she had an interest in insects “for many years” and appreciates their diversity.

“With my makeup, I try to showcase some of the most beautiful species like butterflies or jewel beetles, but also give a little appreciation to those that aren’t as pretty and typically evoke a bad response, like ants or silverfish,” she said.

Jay started doing makeup based on insects just recently and viewed it as a fun side project. But thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from the internet, she decided to put more time into it.

Her creative process starts by looking up photos of insects on the internet or checking out the recommendations from her friends. She then takes key colors and textures characteristic for each specimen and sees how they could translate to makeup. Some of Jay’s more simple creations take minutes to wrap up, but others, which are more complex, take a few hours.

Check out more of her works.