Elsa and Tyler Lang Prove That Couples That Design Together, Stay Together

Elsa and Tyler Lang share a passion for design and illustrations. This passion blossomed into a business with their Portland, Oregon-based studio, Always With Honor, creating visual systems and brand identities for over a decade now.

Like most creatives, Elsa and Tyler Lang were drawn to art early on, with Elsa inspired by her tropical upbringing in Colombia, and Tyler leaning on his artistic family background. The visual influences of Elsa’s upbringing are seen throughout her use of color and pattern, as well as her love of folk art and spicy foods. Tyler, on the other hand, spent his childhood amongst nature and wildlife in Vermont, with flora and fauna being constant themes in his work.

“I’ve been into art as long as I can remember,” said Tyler in an interview with The Great Discontent. “My dad’s side of the family is artistic—his aunt would create different handmade Christmas ornaments every year, and give one to us. One year, she bought an old, broken piano and tore it apart to make little creatures out of the piano keys. They were the coolest things.”

“There isn’t a lot of creativity on my mother’s side; they’re small-town farmers, and art is about the least important thing to them,” admitted Elsa. “That said, art and design has always been a part of that culture. Pre Columbian art is everywhere, though no one really sees it as art. It’s almost as if it’s just a part of the fabric of the country. I grew up exposed to it every day, but didn’t necessarily think it was special; it was just there, in the background. But as I get older, I can see that it was likely an influence.”

We’re glad they joined forces, proving that couples that design together, stay together. Here are some highlights from their Instagram page: