Botanical Bright: These Tiny Plants Will Brighten Up Your Day

Image via botanicalbright/Instagram

Here is something for all nature lovers! Botanical bright is the Instagram nickname of an amazing artist who is making tiny plant goodies to brighten up your day.  

Becca mostly uses very small products given by nature to make all sorts of things. She makes beautiful jewelry such as necklaces and earrings, alongside hairbands and hairpins with floral designs in pastel colors.

Besides this amazing jewelry, she also makes small decorations using flowers, foliage, succulents, cacti, and many other things. Her mission is to create little bits of plant positivity in everyone’s life.  

For Becca, everything started in her early twenties with her interest in the psychology of happiness. She was fighting major depressive episodes and during this period she developed her love for plants. She figured that her way to happiness was surrounding herself with nature. So she combined her artistic talents and creativity with simple natural elements, and it turned out to be a great thing. 

What’s also very important is that 5% of the profit of every product bought from this artist is donated to environmental conservation. Plants are her constant inspiration, and it seems like they helped her fight with her depression. Check out her Instagram page to see more of her works!