Enter the Embroided Magical Worlds of Adam Pritchett

Adam Pritchett creates tiny worlds of fantasy, using needle and thread. The English embroidery artist was drawn to textile and fabric from an early age, so it came as no surprise that he studied Fine Arts at Coventry University, focusing on textile.

“I have always had an interest in textiles, I remember making fabric toys and puppets during school holidays with my Grandmother,” he told Textile Artist. “I think the real moment that it became a fascination to me was while studying at university and I distinctly recall workshops learning about the structure of fabrics and how they are made and just being enthralled by the way that thread could be woven to create beautiful fabrics.”

“I like to build up layers of stitches to create raised effects, without using stump work wires, incorporating a number these techniques has produced some really interesting results and all leads back to how I enjoy experimentation with known methods to create something different.”

“Much of my work has botanical, natural themes, and I am a huge science/nature buff,” he added. “Documentaries about the natural world always are a huge source of inspiration for me… I also read as much as I can, and often find an idea is sparked by a fantasy novel that I’ve been reading, and I think that’s where much of the myth and magic themes in my work come from.”

Enter his tiny worlds, full of myth and magic.