Meet the Indie Brand That Celebrates Pop Culture

The brand “Working Girls” started off as an art experiment. Created by artist and designer Shailah Maynard, it’s a line of pool floats in the shape of body parts. This experiment proved successful, culminating in a brand that now sells tongue-in-cheek accessories and clothing items that are inspired by ’80s and ’90s music, film, and pop-culture.

Because who wouldn’t want to rock an ironic T-Shirt or a pair of socks with the phrase “Big Business” printed in all caps? “Working Girls isn’t just one type of craft or product. The brand as a whole is a concept,” explained Maynard in an interview with the Urban Outfitters blog.

“The things that inspire me have always remained the same, but my style has definitely evolved over the years,” she added. “I’ve done anything from printmaking to quilting to weaving… There will always be an undertone of satire, and female-forward thinking, because that is who I am. My focus now is mainly design and installation, but I love teaching myself new skills, so who knows what the next thing will be.”

You can buy her merch at Working Girls’ online store or follow her Instagram page for more.

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