Ipnot’s Food Embroideries Look Good Enough to Eat

We’re totally obsessed with Ipnot’s interactive food embroideries. From a boiling cup of matcha tea to a slice of pizza with melted cheese, the Japanese fiber artist creates mouthwatering realistic pieces using needle and thread.

“The name ipnot comes from the nickname I have had since childhood,” she writes on her website. “I have spent my childhood surrounded by very creative and crafty people who have inspired me.”

“I was drawn to embroidery because my grandmother used to do embroidery and made it look very relaxing and enjoyable. So I tried it and I enjoyed it myself. Since then, I started my own projects and it does not feel like work at all. Rather, it feels like hobby since I am having fun.”

“I have chosen the French knot stitch to represent my stitching style,” she added. “I choose a thread of my own preference from 500 different-colored embroidery threads. As in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time.”

Gathering more than 97k followers, her hobby has long since outgrown its humble beginnings. Take a look for yourself!