This Textile Artist Is Inspired by the English Countryside

Feeling like you’re missing out on the great outdoors? Textile artist Emily Yeadon will help you reintroduce the natural world back into your life; in textile form, that is. Her delicate creations include faux taxidermy of insects and wood critters. There are even textile versions of fungi and moth, so you can experience the backdrop of the forest as well.

Incredibly enough, Yeadon taught herself the art of hand embroidery and sewing. “One evening, I randomly decided to dust off my old sewing machine and rekindled my love for textiles,” she recalled in an interview with Enchanted Living Magazine. “I gradually began to incorporate fabrics and machine and hand embroidery into my wire creations at the very end of 2017,” she adds.

Based in Haworth, the UK, her inspiration comes from her natural surroundings. “My favorite way to seek enchantment is by taking long walks,” says Yeadon. Having grown up in the countryside, deep in the North of England, Yeadon’s home was surrounded by open fields and ancient woodlands, while in the distance, the Yorkshire Dale mountains towered above the horizon.

“I’ve always loved climbing mountains in the Lake District with my dad and our family dog, Toby,” she says. “That moment when we finally reach the summit—icy winds whipping around us as damp heavy clouds form a blanket over our view. A peaceful moment in nature, tranquil and calm.”