Explore the Many Asian Flavors with Hetty Lui McKinnon’s Cookbook

While we slowly adjust to a new normal and test the waters of life-after-Covid, the future of travel is still shrouded in mist. Until traveling is permitted and safe, we might as well explore the world through our kitchens.

This week we bring you Hetty Lui McKinnon’s cookbook To Asia, With Love, a great introduction to Asian cuisine. Born in Australia to a Chinese family, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York City, McKinnon describes her book as “a deeply personal and emotional deep dive into food as a gateway to discovering cultural identity.”

“This is my love letter to all the Asian food that I crave everyday,” wrote McKinnon on a post on Instagram. “Some of the recipes are inspired by the Chinese food I ate growing up, but mostly it is a modern interpretation of my fave Asian flavors.”

Recipes range from the traditional—salt and pepper eggplant, red curry laksa, pea, and ginger fried rice—to uniquely modern interpretations, such as buttery miso vegemite noodles, stir-fried salt, and vinegar potatoes, cacio e pepe udon noodles, and grilled wombok caesar salad with wonton crackers.

According to McKinnon, the Chinese recipes she shares in her book are all, in one way or another, inspired by her mother’s food. Just scrolling through her Instagram page will make your mouth water!

Purchase the book here and follow her on Instagram for some cooking inspiration and quick recipes.