Feel-Good Surfing Art by Jack Soren

Jack Soren is a Hawaii-native who combines his passion for surfing with a love for art to create amazing feel-good surfing paintings and murals.

According to his website, Soren spent “most of his life” surfing on the coasts of Hawaii while exploring the ocean and island. At the same time, he was honing his art skills after becoming interested in painting and drawing at a very young age.

Soren’s art beginnings came in graffiti and street art, where he found notable success and became a part of the local art community. It wasn’t long before he decided to embrace art as a full-time job and venture into other types of creative work. He now works as a professional artist, exhibiting his works in galleries, painting murals, and engaging in other projects that offer him an opportunity to express his creativity.

The paintings and murals Soren creates are predominantly inspired by the surf culture and the ocean. While simplistic in nature, they project a calming effect with warm colors and idyllic scenes of people catching waves, dancing on the beach, and having a good time overall.

You can take a look at Soren’s feel-good artworks below.