Curious Ceramic Figurines by Sophie Woodrow

Ceramic figurines are not as popular as they used to be. Still, we doubt that anyone out there wouldn’t want to own one made by Sophie Woodrow.

This talented Bristol-based artist creates curious ceramic figurines that are nothing like you’ve seen before. Her porcelain creatures are often on the surreal side, having animal and human-like features with the addition of fantasy elements.

According to Woodrow, her captivating works are inspired by “the contact point between the natural world and human culture.”

“I am fascinated by the representations that people have made of animals throughout the ages, what they say about them and their times, their sense of themselves in the world, their strengths and vulnerabilities,” she explains.

Woodrow has been creating in various media over the years. However, clay was always her main focus, and this fascination prompted her to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramics at Falmouth College of Art. While influenced by many contemporary and classic artists, she always strived to develop her own style, which is evident in her ceramic figurines.

Woodrow’s pieces often find homes in private collections and art galleries. She also frequently shares her newest creations on Instagram. Check out more of them below.