From Floor Tiles to Ceiling: Mar Cerdà’s Miniatures are All About the Details

Here at TettyBetty, we’ve developed quite an unhealthy obsession with miniatures. Miniature food? Why not! Miniature houses? Why of course! Miniature dioramas? The more the merrier!

Mar Cerdà is the latest miniature artist added to our growing collection. With a background in cinema and audiovisuals, Cerdà is a firm believer that characters can be defined by a space, even if they are not present within it. It is this cinematic approach that makes her miniature dioramas stand out.

Made of cut paper and watercolors, they include such details as houseplants and illustrated floor tiles. Based in Barcelona, she admits to being particularly inspired by the signature ceramic tiles in her city.

“Here in Barcelona tiles were very popular at the end of the 19th century,” Cerdà explained in an interview with We Heart, adding that nowadays a lot of houses still have them. “I’m also influenced by all the cities I’ve visited.,” she says. “Traveling is so inspiring.”

Each piece begins with a detailed sketch of what Cerdà has in mind, after which she looks for reference images. The creation process itself depends on the piece and can take between one or two days to more than three weeks. “I like to find just the right tile designs or the best plants to go with the piece,” she says.

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