Psychologist Draws Dark Humor Comics in His Free Time

Oscar Samdi is a psychologist who has an interesting hobby that you wouldn’t expect from someone in his line of work. After spending the day analyzing and helping people, Samdi goes home and draws comics that are filled with dark humor.

According to Samdi, he enjoyed drawing when he was young but abandoned the hobby at one point and went 20 years doing other things. Several years ago, however, he returned to it, and the activity became an “escape route” from his everyday concerns.

While Samdi’s drawings were quirky by themselves, he quickly decided to tap into his unique sense of humor and turn them into webcomics. His works got even more prominent, and thousands of people started enjoying them.

According to Samdi, he views these comics as a great way to express his opinions and feelings while also being able to channel “all the weird things” that come to his mind. This is probably one of the reasons why his work tends to lean towards dark humor.

Samdi publishes his works on social media and has more than 10k followers on Instagram. You can check out some of our favorites comics from him below.