Guy Captures Pareidolias In Everyday Situations

Humans often search for fun in the most common situations in life. They also search for what is similar and known to them in situations that are new, confusing or abstract. In general, when we see a disorganized or meaningless pile of information, our brain tends to organize it. That’s how we think, speak and perceive our reality, and also how we create pareidolias.

Pareidolias are tendencies to interpret a disorganized set of stimuli as something familiar, such as seeing faces in sockets, or shapes in clouds. This can be so much fun that some people take it to the next level.  

This guy, known on Instagram as @facogram photographs common objects that have faces. Or at least he sees they have faces. If you look at them, you’ll think they have faces! Things like sewer covers, brooms, I-pods, onion rings, bread, grass or any other object and pattern loaded with disorganized dots, holes or lines that can be interpreted differently than it’s real identity.  

Once you start seeing the world in his eyes – things will never be the same again. Everything can have a facial expression, and it’s even weird if it doesn’t!