Sian James’ illustrations Will Take You on a Magical Adventure

Humanity has been fascinated with fantasy since time immemorial. From the fairy tales of old to today’s multi-million budget TV series, we look to different worlds for a sense of mystery, adventure, and awe. 

Enter Siam James, a freelance illustrator born in Hong-Kong, now residing in Oxford, UK. She mostly uses digital tools to create images that are practically dripping with charm, and sometimes actual magic.

James’ art looks like Disney and Ghibli Studios decided to co-write the most amazing children’s book ever. It features young boys and girls in fantastical settings, interacting with otherworldly creatures and generally having a great, wholesome time. 

Interestingly, James is a trained archaeologist who specializes in early medieval times. We suspect her academic background is one reason why her creations are so multi-layered and effective.

“My art draws inspiration from history, folklore, nature, and childhood,” James writes on her website. “I am passionate about creating children’s book illustrations, and exploring how colors, lighting, and composition can be used not only to tell stories but also inspire a unique story in each viewer’s own imagination.”

So what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with some dwarf bread for the road, and invite your inner child to an enchanted adventure in the world of Sian James: