Zubin Jhaveri Creates Paper Art Inspired by Zodiac Signs

Zubin Jhaveri is a talented Indian artist who uses paper as the main tool for expressing his creativity. He caught our attention with his recent series of paper art that is inspired by Zodiac signs.

Jhaveri reveals on his website that paper has been part of his artistic endeavors since his early childhood when he enjoyed making paper models. After graduating from Mumbai’s Sir. J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, he remained faithful to the material due to its ability to be “forgiving and versatile”.

The entries in the “Zodiac” series belong to some of his most intriguing works, considering how much effort was put into creating them.

Jhaveri made sure that each element of the art reflects its Zodiac sign in a way. This included using particular colors to capture the traits of the signs, styling the background to illustrate their elements, etching the commonly accepted symbols, and much more.

“The ‘Zodiac’ series of paper art is an outcome of my fascination with how the celestial bodies to influence and shape our traits and lives,” the artist explains.

You can check out the entire series below.