Husband and Wife Create Enamel Pins Inspired by Architecture

Drop-a-Pin is a brand from Tel Aviv, Israel run by a husband and wife who love architecture. They turn the world’s most famous buildings into miniature enamel pins that can be worn as fashion accessories. Most of the buildings they feature in their work are the ones they got to see and study in person while they were traveling around the world for five years.

“We developed a simple method we learned at the university in a course called Basic Design,” they told This Is Colossal. “The first and only law is to maintain the minimum number of lines necessary so that the building can still be identified. Once the lines in the design could no longer be erased, we reached the destination.”

They’re currently raising funds for this project on Indiegogo, where you can preorder your favorite design and support them. Until now, they gathered more than 10 times the amount they wanted and the orders just keep coming. If you’re a fellow architecture lover or know one, you know where the next gift is coming from.